Privacy Policy

Data. The data you provide on the Industry 5.0 conference registration form will be used in good faith to inform you about this and other relevant conferences in the field of manufacturing and ICT and which Confent OÜ organises, also to keep you up to date with the event (emails with updates). In the process of preparing the event we send updates regarding the registration opening and program updates and we promise to send updates only when we have something new to tell you. Rest of the year, we are very modest and do not send a letter without a reason.

Additionally, as a part of our service, we will also send you two emails: 1) a final participation letter to inform you about the practical information (e.g venue address, timings, parking etc); 2) an after-event letter to provide you a reference to the created media (e.g. photo gallery, videos, presentations).

Please be advised that the data you provide is essential for us to enable your participation in the event.

  • Your name, surname and organisation name will be used on the name tag that you will recieve at the event.
  • Your contacts are important in case we need to get in touch with you to give some urgent info (e.g in the event of force majeure), we also sometimes call if interested parties who have visited the event previously have not registered to upcoming event.
  • Your data, organisation info and address are needed for issuing the invoice. We also might send you the paper invitation for the next event.
  • We analyse attendees data to see how many participants and from which country attended/did not attend, also which field and occupation representatives attended. We assure you that it is not possible to identify you based on such analysis. The purpose of such analysis is to gather statistical information.

Security. The data you provide on registering will be securely held in a content management system web application database (for collection purposes) and in a collaboration spreadsheet hosted in Google service servers (for participant processing purposes). The data will be handled only by event organising team that consists of members from Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications, EAS, TalTech, AI & Robotics Estonia AIRE, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications and Confent OÜ, which is also entity responsible for processing and preserving your data. The attendance list in the format of name, surname and organisation name, will be provided to the company who produces name badges and to event partners (if there are any, the list will be provided on the event webpage) upon their request for informational purpose. We do not provide your phone number, email or organisation address to event partners or other third party that is not named on the above list - only exception are the rare cases when we use our trustworthy partner to call you to be sure you have recieved the information about the event that is relevant and you have not registered yet. When we use mentioned service we will make a note in this section here. An agreement will be made with the partner limiting the use of the data only for this event and excluding any other purposes.

Rights. For better protection of your data, we would like to inform you of your rights regarding the data held by us. These rights include the right to request what data we have about you and rectification or erasure of your personal data; the right to restrict or object to the processing of your data; the right to transfer your data to another entity (for example to another event organiser). You have the right to withdraw your consent to process your personal data at any time. The withdrawal of your consent does not affect the lawfulness of the processing made before the withdrawal. Keep in mind, that the data you provide is essential for us to enable your participation in the event and to inform you of future events. If you decide not to share your personal data, we cannot provide these services for you.

Time limitations. After the event we would like to store your contact information to keep you informed of the events relevant to you. If you do not want to receive information about this or other relevant events and conferences organised by Confent OÜ, let us know by choosing option "No" at the registration form in the corresponding field while registering to the event. In this case your data will be deleted from our database within four weeks after the event. If you decide that you would like to stay in our database, we will discreetly keep informing you about events that are of interest to you. In order to protect your data, after three year period we will send you an email kindly asking you to update your data and requesting your consent to keep processing/storing your data for the aforementioned purposes. If you no longer wish to receive any news form us, you can exercise your right to be forgotten (see next section).

Right to be forgotten. We assure that we keep your data securely and in the manner mentioned above. Please note that if you decide that your data should be deleted from our database you do not recieve any more (free) participation invitations to conferences and forums in the field of manufacturing and ICT that Confent OÜ organises. You can let us know of your decision in the field provided below. 

This Privacy Policy is valid as of 26.11.2018, updated 09.04.2022 with the conference organisers list.

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