What is the Vision for Manufacturers in Estonia?
Minister Andres Sutt
Panel Discussion: What Does Twin Transition of Industry Mean in Practice?
Alois Krtil, Ivo Suursoo,
Helen Anijalg, Tauno Otto
How to Support Cross Disciplinary Innovation Management - an Experience Report From Innovation Management Round Table in Hamburg
Alois Krtil
Innovating Innovation: How Corporates Can Leverage the Innovation Ecosystem
Dirk Ploss
Panel Discussion: What Kind of Support is Available for Manufacturers?
Gert Jervan, Mihkel Tammo,
Linnar Viik, Raul Kirsimäe
How Can Key Digital Technologies Partnership Support Manufacturers?
Arno Kolk
How COVID-19 Has Acted as an Enabler for Digitalisation
Andres Aavik
How to Digitalise a Logistics Sector?
August Tillo
Digitalisation in Food Industry – What to Keep in Mind?
Triin Kõrgmaa
The Movement Towards One-Click Manufacturing
Joosep Merelaht
Worries and Joys of Digitalization Implementation Processes in an Industrial Company Through Practical Experience
August Kull
Bisly – Safeguarding Our Future by Reducing Energy Consumption in Housing Sector
Siim Vips
How to Be Green and Not Play Green?
Jannus Jaska, Argo Rosin,
Simmo Soomets