SUMMARIES 2015 – 2016

Summary 2016

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Dipl.-Ing. Mathias Schietinger –Industry 4.0 implementation and qualification at Festo
Joni Lehtonen, Tuomas Kivisaari, Sakari Kokkonen – Real-Time factory in practice
Urmo Sisask – Process automation re-engineering
Matti Uusivuori, Petri Vilēn – Hack the industry!
Toomas Kärner – Platforms for IoT and M2M
Toomas Talts – Uber and AirBnB takeaways for industries
Karel Kask – Intelligent tool monitoring systems
Peter Kavanagh – ABB – connected asset lifecycle management
Bo Gunnarsson – Digitalisation of the supply chain – The Intelligent Box
Terry London – Modular electronics factories
Janne Öhman – Innovation for the future

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